Wildflower Pond

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An old pond that had started to leak was re-landscaped and made to fit into a natural landscape at the end of a country garden in Sussex.

We changed the shape of the new pond to sit under the willow and built a rustic deck with pontoon in one corner to put seating on. To the other side we re-aligned the stream, used the existing bridge which we repaired and positioned over the stream and with a new pump in the pond we made a beautiful waterfall by carving into a large stone so the water flowed gently.

The stream was edged with soft planting and all around the pond we sowed seed to produce a wonderful wildflower meadow which was stunning taking only 5 months to cover the ground.

Bulbs such as blue camassia were also planted in the wildflower areas to come through the following years when the annuals had disappeared.

Further work will take place next year to include a covered seating area with barbeque and out door oven.

Wildflower Pond - Case study by Claudia De Yong

Wildflower Pond - Case study by Claudia De Yong