Walled Terrace and Garden in Petworth, Sussex

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Petworth garden 1

This was a complete transformation of a large town house garden in the middle of the historic town of Petworth in West Sussex.

Petworth walled garden 17

The project went through several stages: before we could start we needed to demolish the existing walls, paving and brickwork. Very limited access from the street, meant that much of the rubble and soil needed to be removed and taken off-site by hand which was very labour intensive.

Petworth walled garden 20      Petworth walled garden 19

Petworth walled garden 2

Extensive drainage needed to be installed below the new paving we were going to lay down, on three levels and due to the fact that the lower level was above a basement area, this had to be waterproofed and vented to prevent moisture seeping below ground.

Petworth walled garden 12 

Petworth walled garden 25       Petworth walled garden 24

Trees and plants were sourced in person to ensure we selected the best for the sunny, warm and enclosed space. New lighting was installed including up-lighters to the four, pleached umbrella plum trees. A small water fountain was sourced for the client (who liked cherubs). A tumble-down wall effect was built to create the feeling of an ancient ruin. Paving was chosen from a National Trust range – modelled on natural stone at Petworth House – made from precast-concrete (the first time it had been used in Petworth). New dry-stone walls were built (as above); a lovely oak gate was installed with a privacy grille was made especially by a local carpenter; and old style black edgings were sourced to frame the lower flower beds.

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Petworth walled garden 22       Petworth walled garden 21


Petworth walled garden 18


Petworth walled garden 16      Petworth walled garden 14   


Petworth walled garden 10      Petworth walled garden 9


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Petworth walled garden 6


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