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Water Gardens

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Creating Water Gardens and Features

Everybody loves the sound of gentle running water be it from a meandering stream , a fountain or even from the sea. Most of us also appreciate the lovely reflective qualities of water in a pond , lake or water feature. Indeed , water features add a calmness and relaxing atmosphere to any garden however large or small the space.

Water garden

Water in the garden dates back for centuries being a precious resource and celebrated as such. In the Persian Empire when gardens were evolved into a ‘paradise’ on earth, water was used as the life giving force for all the exotic and sweetly scented plants that were used. It was an oasis in the desert.

Many people however are afraid of having water in their gardens , worrying about the maintenance of ponds and features .But having a herbaceous border can be even more work than having a pond. What about all that staking!

There is no doubt that a small amount of care and attention is need at times throughout the year but it should not put anyone off having water in their garden and all the enjoyment it will bring.

Establishing a wildlife pond is not as hard as it seems and very soon the natural world will move in and the pond will soon look after itself. Some points to remember are that if you have fish and ducks and would like plants like lilies, they are likely to be nibbled at and making brick pockets for the roots to hide away in will help them from disappearing .Also it is worth remembering not to site any pond near trees that drop their decaying leaves which will end up in the water and affect the delicate environmental balance.

Using hard landscaping round a pond tends to give a more formal look. It can also be useful in hiding the liner if using one. Keeping the water clear especially when there are no fish, is more of a concern in a formal pond and this is where a good filter works well with perhaps an ultra –violet clarifier added to the pipeline

Water garden

Over the years I have designed many gardens with water either for shows or private gardens. My clients have said how having a pond has changed their enjoyment of the garden for the better. Indeed there are so many new and exciting ideas and products available on the market, I think water will feature more and more on people’s lists when having their gardens redesigned.